about josephine

josephine is a fun, enthusiastic interior designer with experience that covers entire refurbishments to consulting (retail and private) and chic furniture design. her designs are unique and full of energy, and are clearly the result of her positive approach as her signature style suggests: bold colors, a layering of textures, new and old, vintage antique or retro, and the contemporary, while whimsical detailing can bring a touch of kitsch. you see, this is where her sense of fun shines through.

when it comes to the finer points in decorating a room, she is knowledgeable on contemporary art, photography and retro vintage furniture in particular, and more importantly, where exactly to source it all, her style is underpinned by her resourceful eye and a passion for collecting. this curatorial approach results in an eclectic range of styles, objects and colors. beautiful, atmospheric. while the heritage of a project is paramount, she says, it should respect the architectural integrity of the building.

josephine worked in the fashion world for two decades before setting up her interior design agency, transferring her innate fashion sense to the home.